// Asset tracking app

// Challenge

The client turned to us looking for a software solution for tracking the location of the asset inside buildings.

Processing data from the client devices was an indispensable condition.

// Solution

We have developed a web application and a plugin for connecting and processing data from client devices.

The solution allows us to perform the whole range of work from connecting devices and creating a building layout to online tracking of assets, displaying movement reports and receiving notifications.

// Key features and highlights

  • Online tracking of assets
  • BLE MESH networking
  • Data processing from Lorawan devices 
  • Site layout planner 
  • Online movement screening 
  • Creating indoor zones\areas
  • Configuring event notification settings
  • Reports by assets, sites and areas

// Stack


Frontend: ReactJS

Integration Google Maps Direction Api


12 months

Team effort

30 man/month


In progress

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© 2015-2021.
Solut.tech All Rights Reserved.