// Atlas of Wind Potential

// Challenge

We were tasked with developing The Atlas of Wind Potential of Belarus as part of the UNDP project. 

The solution was represented by displaying thematic layers on the map of the Republic of Belarus based on data from stationary points of surface weather observations of Belhydromet and interpolated values between them, including dynamically changing forecasting data.

// Solution

At the moment, the project has been launched and it is available at https://atlas.pogoda.by. Investors use it to pre-determine the future location of wind turbines and smartsites.

// Key features and highlights

  • Dynamically changing prognostic layer
  • 30 different layers with weather and geographical conditions 
  • Creating of interactive maps based on measurements from the entire territory of the Republic of Belarus

// Stack


Frontend: Angular

Integration OpenStreetMap, Leaflet


12 months

Team effort

24 man/month


Released on January 2021

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© 2015-2021.
Solut.tech All Rights Reserved.