Harvester panel

// Harvester panel // Challenge The panel was created and designed to control and monitor the technological modes of the grain harvest machinery. // Key features and highlights Systems display parameter values in a particular indication range, including speed, engine operating hours, treated area, distance traveled (general and current), productivity, fuel level, etc. The systems […]

Atlas of Wind Potential

// Atlas of Wind Potential // Challenge We were tasked with developing The Atlas of Wind Potential of Belarus as part of the UNDP project.  The solution was represented by displaying thematic layers on the map of the Republic of Belarus based on data from stationary points of surface weather observations of Belhydromet and interpolated […]

Asset tracking app

// Asset tracking app // Challenge The client turned to us looking for a software solution for tracking the location of the asset inside buildings. Processing data from the client devices was an indispensable condition. // Solution We have developed a web application and a plugin for connecting and processing data from client devices. The […]

Энергомера(Energy Reader)

// Энергомера(Energy Reader) // Challenge Our task was to develop a mobile application for the company leading in the production and introduction of electricity meters in Eastern Europe to measure the consumption of electricity in homes and offices. // Solution The application developed by us allows reading and storing of electric power parameters using a […]

Cavelighing App

// Cavelighing App // Solution The application uses any smartphone with the Android operating system as a wireless control panel system of the CaveLighting. It is used by guides in more than 40 caves around the world. // Stack Android:MVVM/DataBinding/Room  Integration: Google Maps Platform Api / BLE Beacons Duration 2 months Team effort 3 man/month […]

Work time Report

// Work time Report // Challenge One of the leading law firms in Canada asked us for help in developing a solution that would simplify the accounting of staff time, and help to create a map of staff relocation throughout the day at the office and beyond. // Solution The developed application is a calendar […]

Secureye Tracking App

// Secureye Tracking App // Challenge Our team was tasked with developing a product for working with GPS trackers that would allow us to configure and get the current position of the devices. Device support from 3 manufacturers and data reception from 3 thousand devices in real time were indispensable conditions. // Solution The software […]

Rent things

// Rent Things Solut.tech is a software development company focused on creating software solutions to solve complex problems // Challenge The customer turned to us for help in developing a web application that would optimize the work of large furniture warehouses, integrate with the online store and allow us to find out the location of […]