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// Challenge

The customer turned to us for help in developing a web application that would optimize the work of large furniture warehouses, integrate with the online store and allow us to find out the location of each piece of furniture.

// Solution

We divided the work on the service into three development stages:

During the first stage of our work, we developed a web application that allows the customer to keep track of inventory inside the warehouse, automates work with furniture suppliers, created an API service for integration with the website and an interface for working with clients.

Second stage.

For internal and external logistics, two solutions were developed:

-Mobile application, for faster processing of orders by warehouse workers, search for the necessary furniture in stock. Integration with web service.

— GPS service. Development of solutions for determining the location of delivery trucks and selection of the optimal route.

The third stage.

At this stage, a solution was developed and implemented to move warehouses to sector-specific work. By introducing additional equipment, determining the current position of the furniture and changing the status of a piece of furniture has become a fully automatic process.

// Stack


Mobile: Kotlin

Frontend: AngularJS

Integration WooCommerce Rest Api/Google Maps Route Api /Google Maps Direction Api


8 months

Team effort

40 man/month


Released on March 2017

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© 2015-2021.
Solut.tech All Rights Reserved.