// Secureye Tracking App

// Challenge

Our team was tasked with developing a product for working with GPS trackers that would allow us to configure and get the current position of the devices.

Device support from 3 manufacturers and data reception from 3 thousand devices in real time were indispensable conditions.

// Solution

The software package consists of a plugin for device configuration via SMS and processing data packets of devices.

The application implemented by us completely satisfied the requirements of our client.


// Key features and highlights

  • Web application with user-friendly interface, the administration panel of available devices, companies and users.
  • Integration with GPS trackers.
  • Work with geofences
  • Display the history of movements and user logs
  • Service support
  • Export Reports (PDF and XML)
  • Notifications and events
  • Load up to 10,000 devices
  • Integration with Google maps, Bing maps, OpenStreetMap API

// Stack


Frontend: Angular

Integration: Google Maps Route Api / Google Maps Direction Api/ OpenStreetMap API


6 months

Team effort

20 man/month


Released on June 2018

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© 2015-2021.
Solut.tech All Rights Reserved.