// Work time Report

// Challenge

One of the leading law firms in Canada asked us for help in developing a solution that would simplify the accounting of staff time, and help to create a map of staff relocation throughout the day at the office and beyond.

// Solution

The developed application is a calendar with the help of which company employees can set a work schedule for the current day / week / month. Inform their managers about the absence and the reasons for absence in the workplace. We have developed two native applications for Android and IOS.

// Key features and highlights

  • CRM Integration
  • Determination of GPS locations outdoors
  • Determining indoor location using beacon tags
  • Receive push notifications about events within the company
  • Convenient calendar for employees that allows them to manage and plan working hours

// Stack


IOS: MVVM /iOS SDK (Foundation, UIKit, IB, Push Notifications) 


Integration: Google Maps Platform Api / BLE Beacons


2 months

Team effort

5 man/month


Released on June 2017

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© 2015-2021.
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